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COVID-19/Coronavirus Information and Resources

Update: June 29
  • Playgrounds and tennis courts are now reopened for public use effective June 29, 2020
  • The Stadium will remain closed until after graduation
  • Please exercise good hygiene, the use of masks, and social distancing when using the school facilities.

Summer food pick up for JE families every Monday and Wednesday

Need some help? Summer food pick up for JE families will take place between 9-11 a.m. every Monday and Wednesday at Jordan-Elbridge High School.

Based on the information the district received from a food service survey, there is still significant need for assistance with meals over the summer. As a result, the district was approved for a waiver from the state that allows JE to continue providing meals over the summer.

Therefore, the district will provided bulk food pickups for families every Monday and Wednesday. Those who pick up food are asked to drive around to the back of the high school where they will see the JE Eagles tent. Food will then be loaded into your vehicle. Please remember to wear your masks. You should not have to get out of your vehicle. If you have a cooler, please bring it with you.

The meals are packaged for a family of four with enough food to help get you through the week. If your family is larger or smaller, the district will make adjustments accordingly. If you do not have transportation for food pickup, please contact Bernadette Fall at 315-689-8500 ext.5002 so you can make other arrangements.

UPDATE: June 10

Hello everyone, this is Superintendent Froio. As you all know the school year is coming to a close and I want to commend all of you for your grit and determination during these challenging times. Jordan-Elbridge continues to post some of the highest participation rates in the state, a true testament to our students, parents, caregivers, teachers, and this community.

Enjoy the summer, all of you deserve it. However, don’t forget about us. As you can imagine, we have a huge task ahead planning for next school year and we will need input from all of you so that we can create plans that best address the needs of our students and the community.

Throughout the summer, I will be asking you survey questions that you can respond to from our webpage. The survey questions will be brief and you will be able to quickly answer the questions, please respond to them. The more information we receive from all of you, the better our decision making will be for our children.

Our first survey is now posted to our webpage and attached to this message via email. We need to know what the need is in the community for school meals over the summer. Currently, our last day for meal deliveries via our school buses will be Tuesday, June 16th.  However, if you need support over the summer, we need to hear from you.

Please fill out the survey today, while it’s fresh in your mind, and we will plan accordingly. If you are receiving this message but do not have internet access, please contact Bernadette Fall at 315-689-8500 ext. 5002 if you are in need of summer meals.

Survey Link Below:
Schools will remain closed through remainder of the school year

•    Schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year  
•    JE is leading New York State in Near Pod student engagements, 23,000 student engagements since distance learning began.
•    Join the fun if you are not engaged starting Monday
•    Show are seniors some love
•    Don't quit
•    Elbridge Elementary will be lighted school bus yellow as a tribute to our JE essential workers

UPDATE: April 23

Community announcement highlights:
  • The new and final marking period begins April 27, 2020
  • Grades 3 through 12 will begin presenting new material on April 27
  • Elementary participation is excellent - keep doing what you are doing
  • Elementary Reports will be issued to parents in June relative to your child's participation
  • Grades 7&8 will begin presenting new material on April 27
  • Assignments for grades 7&8 will be entered into School Tool as Completed, Redo, or Missing
  • High School Teachers will begin presenting new material on April 29th
  • High school assignments will be graded and entered in School Tool.
  • Parents without a School Tool account can go to the Technology Tab on the Webpage for assistance
  • Final High School grades will be pass or incomplete. Pass = Awarded Credit / Incomplete = summer school or AIS when school resumes
  • GPA will be set based on your March 12th average for all HS students other than Juniors
  • Junior GPA will be determined by your March 12th average plus the average of your first semester senior year

UPDATE: April 16
Schools will remain closed through May 15

Other highlights:
  • Overall Student participation via distance learning is excellent
  • Projected 96% graduation rate!
  • Juniors - participate in ALL of your courses
  • There will be no third marking period report card
  • Further information relative to student assessment and grades forthcoming
  • Keep your heads up and spirits high - we will prevail

UPDATE: April 7
Schools will remain closed through April 29; Regents exams have been canceled

As you may know, Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently announced that schools in New York state will remain closed until April 29. This announcement extends the closure an additional two weeks from the previously announced date of April 15.

In addition, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has canceled the June 2020 Regents exams, and has announced that students will be able to earn diploma credit for courses without taking these exams. More information about the details of these requirements will be provided to affected students in the days ahead.

Please note the following:
  • Students, stay connected to your teachers
  • More details next week regarding graduation requirements, the college application process and more...
  • Avoid public places as much as possible. Wear a mask in public if you must go out
  • Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet.

UPDATE: April 1
Information on cancelled April Break, continued instruction, meals and more

To the JE Community,

I know many of you have had questions about April break so I want to detail our plans as a school district moving forward. First, there is no April Break. We will continue to provide remote instruction for students and meals for students every weekday until school reopens.

However, we will not be delivering meals on Monday, April 13, the day after Easter. As many of you know, our amazing food service crew, have been coming in every Sunday to prepare for the Monday delivery. Our Food Service folks need to be with their families on Easter Sunday.

So we will bulk up the Good Friday meal delivery as best we can. No meal delivery on Monday, April 13, but we will be ready to go and delivering on Tuesday, April 14th, and throughout the length of the school closure.

The governor has not extended the school closure date as of yet. However, I think we should be prepared for schools to be closed for a longer period of time.  The community has been great at practicing social distancing and it is very important that we all continue to do so. The war against the virus is a long distance event, not a sprint.  Please remember that our food runners have been told to keep a distance of 10 feet. They love what they are doing to help our kids so let’s make sure we are doing our part to keep our heroes in the field safe.

I want to thank all of you who donated generously to the J-E food pantry and a special shout out to Sysco Food distributors for helping the food pantry out as well. I thought that was just wonderful.

Finally, I want to thank the Jordan-Elbridge Cub Scout Pack 102 for donating 50 boxes, I should say 50 sanitized boxes, of Girl Scout cookies, and hand written cards of support, also sanitized, to show their appreciation to all of our essential employees in our food service operation.  I can tell you everyone was very touched by the show of support as I handed out boxes of cookies this morning.

Hang in there everyone – Be well.  Eagle Pride!

James Froio
Superintendent of Schools

UPDATE: March 26
Tips from the National Association of School Psychologists
Dear Parents,
A global pandemic naturally elevates everyone’s anxiety, including children.  And many parents feel unsure about how to best approach such a troubling topic. The following tips, from the National Association of School Psychologists, serve as suggestions for how parents can help their children manage the stress they may be experiencing due to the pandemic:
  • Stay calm, listen and offer reassurance.
  • Monitor television viewing.
  • Monitor social media activity.
  • Take time to talk.
  • Provide factual information.
  • Establish and maintain routines.
  • Stay connected to school.
  • Model basic hygiene.
  • Model healthy choices.
  • Offer lots of TLC.
(Source:Talking to Children about Covid-19:  A Parent Resource)
Should you be in need of greater support, please contact one of the principals and we will be certain to follow-up. Stay healthy and safe.
Best regards,
PK-12 School Counselors
UPDATE: March 23
Childcare options for healthcare workers and first responders in the JECSD

Please see the childcare options for healthcare workers and first responders in the Jordan-Elbridge Central School District below.

Jordan-Elbridge Daycare Providers
  • Julie Vincent – 315-391-7150
  • Kathy Gleason – 315-277-5335
  • Debbie LeGrow – 315-689-5393
  • JE Country Kids – 315-689-9686
  • Wendy Williams – 315-689-7741 (can accommodate overnight care if needed)
  • Child Care Solutions of Onondaga County 315-446-1220
If you are a parent or caregiver who needs child care, please complete this parent need for child care survey. Based on the information you provide about your job, employer, number of children, and financial need, OCFS may be able to help you find the child program you need. It may be a challenge to find child care due to COVID-19 related program closures, however the staff at OCFS are trying their best to support families to find the high quality child care that they need. In addition, the OCFS website has several resources available

UPDATE: March 17, 2020
Supports for Children, Adolescents, and Families
Dear Parents,
As you may know, we are checking in with students who are on our caseloads and offering personalized support. But we also want to extend assistance to the community at large as it’s only natural to be experiencing greater stress and anxiety because of recent complications to daily life.
Please be assured that community supports are available to meet your needs.  We have a compiled a brief list for your easy reference.
Best regards,
 JE School Counselors
General Assistance
 Food Pantries
  • Jordan-Elbridge Ecumenical Food Pantry, Jordan, 315-689-6240 x115
  • Brutus-Sennett Food Pantry, Weedsport, 315-834-6581
  • Calvary Food Pantry, Auburn, 315-252-7772
  • St. Alphonsus Food Pantry, Auburn, 315-252-0710
  • Food Bank of Central New York, Syracuse, 315-437-1899
Mental Health
  • Cayuga-Seneca Community Action Agency, Auburn, 315-255-1703
  • Cayuga Counseling Services, Auburn, 315-253-9795
  • ARISE Child and Family Services, Inc., Syracuse, (315) 472-3171
  • Contact Community Services, Inc, East Syracuse, 315-251-1400
  • Liberty Resources, Inc., Syracuse, 315-884-0039
  • St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, 315-703-2700

UPDATE: March 14, 2020
Dear Jordan-Elbridge CSD Community:

By now you are no doubt aware that the world around us is changing rapidly as a result of the coronavirus. As governments, businesses, sports, and other social groupings curtail events in effort to contain the virus’ spread and reduce the potential for individuals to be exposed, schools have been working diligently with state and local officials to do their part in keeping students and staff safe. Unfortunately, the time has come to close school.  

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020 until April 15, 2020, the Jordan-Elbridge Central School District will be closed. We are closing school along with every school district in the Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES. This decision was not made lightly, and we know the impact and hardship this will present for our families and community; however, the risks of this virus to our school and community necessitates closure at this time.

Outlined below is our continuity plan:
  • Curriculum: Teachers will begin lessons via distance learning this week. If you do not have internet service we will see that lessons are delivered to your home.
  • Food Service: We will begin delivery of breakfast and lunch items on Monday, March 16th, 2020. Food will be distributed via our bus routes. When you see the bus, please come out and pick up your food. Meal deliveries will continue, Monday through Friday, for the duration of the school closure.
  • Outside Groups: Our school buildings and facilities will be closed to all outside groups and individuals during this period of closure; this includes our fitness center. The entire district will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during this time, and we need to limit individuals in our spaces as we undertake this important work.
  • Medicine: Your student’s principal and our school nursing staff will be available during the first few days of this week to assist you in picking up any prescription your child may have in school that they might need access to during this closure time period.
  • Support: We understand that this may be a challenging time for our students and some of them may want to speak to a school counselor or need some additional supports to feel successful during this time. We encourage you to reach out to the various schools should this be the case, and our team will do our best to provide the support needed.
We will continue to communicate and provide updates in the days and weeks ahead. The Jordan-Elbridge Central School District will remain steadfast in our commitment to support this community, and this global pandemic will not stop that from being the case. Our existence is to serve this community and its children, and we are taking this unprecedented action to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your continued support.

James Froio
Superintendent of Schools

UPDATE: March 13, 2020
Message from Superintendent James Froio

I wanted update all of you relative to our preparations in the event that school is closed for an extended period of time. First, I want to ensure all of you that I will not be canceling school or school events. I feel that the longer we can maintain a sense of normalcy at school the better off our students will be.

That being said, I think that it is likely that schools could be ordered to close by the Governor and/or the health departments. Therefore, our teachers have been preparing to offer their lessons via Google Classrooms and other distance learning measures. This is where we need your help.
  • If you have no internet service, or very limited internet service, please contact us at 315-689-8500 and let your child’s building secretary know that you do not have internet service. Our teachers will then begin preparing paper and pencil lessons for these students.
    NOTE: Spectrum to offer free high-speed internet to households with students
  • If you have internet service but your child does not have access to a computer, or an IPAD, or a tablet, or a smart phone (as any of these devices will work for distance learning purposes) please call us at 315-689-8500 and let your child’s building secretary know that you have internet services but no devices. We will then arrange for you to sign out a device for your child’s use.
  • If you have internet service and the devices that go along with it, you are good and will be set to go if and when the time comes.
Finally, you will notice that our school buildings will continue to host a variety of student activities over the weekends. Please know that on Sunday’s our custodial crew cleans and sanitizes the buildings so that they are all ready to go come Monday. And, of course, we will stay committed to a regular regiment of cleaning and sanitizing throughout the entire school week as well.

Over the next few days and weeks you will hear from me and the building principals as we finalize our distance learning plans. Let’s hope we don’t need them. But we will be prepared to support our students if need be.

UPDATE: March 6, 2020: COVID-19 Update

Dear Parent/Guardian:

While the Jordan-Elbridge Central School District does not have a confirmed case of COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in our schools, we are aware of concerns in the community about the spread of this relatively new virus.

The district is closely monitoring this fluid situation and following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), Onondaga County Department of Health, Cayuga County Health Department and the New York State Education Department.

Based on recent reports, COVID-19 is not actively circulating in New York state at this time.

If the district becomes aware that a student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19, it will immediately notify staff and parents/guardians. If a student or staff member shows respiratory symptoms, we will follow our current practices for handling respiratory illnesses, subject to any additional guidance forthcoming.

The district has infectious disease protocols in place and has been taking steps, such as cleaning and disinfecting throughout its schools, to minimize the spread of viruses and a variety of other illnesses.

There are a number of steps that students, staff and community members can take to minimize the spread of all respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19, according to the state Department of Health:  
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Heavily soiled hands should be washed.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
If you or a family member begin showing symptoms of a respiratory disease and suspect it may be COVID-19, contact your healthcare provider. Before going to your healthcare provider’s office, inform them that a case of COVID-19 is suspected, and follow their advice.

Local health departments will contact schools if a suspected or known COVID-19 case emerges. The district is prepared to work with any affected families.
Families are also encouraged to follow the CDC’s information for travel, available at For more information, consider consulting these additional resources: In addition, New York has established a Novel Coronavirus Hotline, which can provide additional information. Call 1-888-364-3065 with questions or concerns about travel and symptoms.
The district will continue to share information as it becomes available.

Please know that, as always, the health and safety of our students and staff is our highest priority, and we will remain vigilant in our efforts to help prevent the spread of this illness.


James Froio
Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080