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COVID-19 Parent Resources

School is held virtually during COVID-19 building closures.  This resource page is meant to serve the following purposes:
  1. Help parents connect children to teachers and online classrooms;
  2. Support parents with academic, social/emotional health, and technology resources;
  3. Share contact information of school personnel with parents to help as needed at home.

Connecting Your Child

The district has created a portal to organize and list all online learning resources for you.  Some of the online tools teachers use to engage students are listed below:
  • Google Classroom
  • SeeSaw
  • NearPod
  • MyOn
  • Freckle
  • Epic
Additionally, teachers offer live meetings with students using Zoom and Google Meet.  Ask your child's teacher for more information and links to join.  Many teachers use Remind to communicate through messages/texts on your smart phone.

Your child must be logged in to the computer/internet using his or her JE account to access these resources.  If you need your child's log-in information, please first ask the teacher.  Then, if needed, you can complete and submit a request using the Technology Assistance Link.


Virtual learning can be overwhelming.  With the added stresses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we all may need some help at one point or another.  Hopefully the items below are useful to you and other parents.  If you have any resources to share, please email them to Elbridge Elementary Principal R. J. Hartwell (

Daily Routine

Before 8:00 am

Wake up

Eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed, put PJs in laundry, feed the dog & cat

8-9 am

Active time

Family walk with the dog, roll-the-dice PE,

Yoga if it’s raining

9-11 am

Academic time

Check in with teacher’s google classroom site,

ELA and math activities suggested by teacher,

Complete teacher’s assignments & projects

11 am - 12 noon

Creative time

Legos, drawing, crafting, play music

Cook or bake with an adult

STEM activities (hands-on)

12 noon


Healthy lunch

12:30 pm

Chore time

  1. Wipe down the kitchen/dining room table and chairs

  2. Wipe things you touch (door handles, switches)

  3. Tidy bedrooms, play areas, living spaces

1-2:00 pm

Quiet time

Enjoy a healthy snack (apple, pretzels, yogurt)

Do a word search, fun-puzzle, read, or take a nap

2-3:30 pm

Academic time

Finish morning academic work

Prodigy, MyOn, XtraMath, Educational iPad apps

4 pm

Afternoon fresh air

Gardening with mom & dad

Bike rides, walk the dog, play outside

4 pm - 8 pm

Regular evening activities

Set the dinner table

Eat dinner and talk about your day

Watch a tv show, play a family game

8 pm

Regular bedtime routine

Brush your teeth & get ready for bed

Read a story/another chapter of your book

Fun Weekly Schedule  -  Kids will look forward to the weekly routines!
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Move-it Monday!  Make it a point, rain or shine, to go for a family walk around the block.
  • Family game night (cards, Battle Ship, Sorry, Monopoly, or kid-created!)
  • Taco Tuesday
  • Where to Wednesday?  Take your family for a drive to sight-see a local destination.  Keep it a secret until you arrive!
  • Family movie night 
  • Healthy dinner with ice cream & popcorn for dessert
  • Camp out in the living room with your sleeping bag!
  • Camp food dinner

Supports for Parents/Caregivers

Our school counselors have put together some helpful resources for you.  They invite you to check them out and call any of them should you need to.  Their contact information is listed in the table under "Contact Information".
Wide Open School
  • Daily schedule ideas
  • Virtual field tripos
  • Pre-K to grade 5
Second Step
  • Online learning tools
  • Streaming media
  • Social-emotional learning supports by grade level
  • No login required
  • Additional features available if you set up a Second Step account (free through June 30th, 2020)
Kids Health
  • Just for parents 
  • Mindfullness and support for adults with school-age kids at home
  • Help when your kiddo has a tantrum related to school work
Family & Caregiver Resources
  • Resources to connect you with school counselors
  • Coping strategies for adults and kids
  • Talking about Coronavirus with your children

Contact Information

We are ready to help you!  Please reach out to the following individuals based on what you need:

Academic Help
  • Classroom teacher
  • Special education teacher
  • Intervention teacher (reading/math)
  • Special areas teacher
Social/Emotional Help
Technology Help
Complete the form found at the link below to submit your technology request.

For example, you can request to borrow a device or ask for help connecting a device to your home WiFi.  If you have a question about using a website or app, you should direct your question to the classroom teacher.

Click here - Technology Assistance Link

Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080