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ELA Parent Suggestions

  • IXL (both math and English!)
  • GoodReads
  • Onondaga Public Library System
  • Jordan-Elbridge High School Library webpage
  • Jen Martin—apps to access books/download books
  • Journaling apps
o    Journaling App (5 stars!)
o    5 Minutes of Gratitude (5 stars!)
o    Journal X (5 stars!)
o    Day One Journal
o    Perspective a Mindful Journey
o    My Wonderful Days Journal
  •  Vocabulary apps
o    Word of the Day
o    Vocabulary Builder (by Magoosh)
o    PowerVocab
o    Vocabador
o    IntelliVocab
o    Words, Words, Words
  • Reading apps
o    Overdrive (allows you into Onondaga Public Library system)
o    Kindle (allows you into Onondaga Public Library digital system)
o    Audible (monthly subscription or free through Onondaga Public Library system)
o    Reading High School ($0.99  5 stars, 15 reviews)

  • Turn on the subtitles on movies & television; discuss what you missed previously.
  • Read with your kids.
  • Listen to a book while reading it.
  • Establish “read only” time, and confiscate or disable your child’s electronics for that time.
  • Download the Onondaga County Library app to borrow print books and digital books, and show them how to use it
  • Keep books in the house.
  • Let them see you reading!
  • Talk about what you’re reading.
  • Read the news vs. watching it.
  • Preview texts before reading them: What do they seem to be about? What can you expect? Why?
  • GoodReads: Join a social networking group of readers to share your interests and views on your favorite books.
  • Plan what you’re going to write!
  • Have students read what they’re writing out loud so they hear what their work sounds like. Does it say what they intended?
  • To encourage writing: purchase inexpensive journals and encourage students to write for fun every day—stories, about their days, diary entries—whatever.
  • Email your children and encourage them to write back, or encourage them to correspond with a grandparent/aunt/uncle, etc.
  • Whenever possible, write a card to someone: thank you’s, sympathy, appreciation, etc. Just get them to write and do so formally.
  • Encourage them to start a blog.
  • When you text, text in complete sentences with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.
  • Use proper grammar when you speak and require your child to use it too.
  • Have them be the Tooth Fairy or Santa’s elf and leave a note to a younger sibling.
  • Talk about audience with your child—different occasions to be proper/formal vs. informal, and practice with them.
  • Write letters to the editor and actually send them.
  • Write product reviews on Amazon (or anywhere that accepts/encourages reviews). See how many people find your reviews helpful.
  • Write book reviews.
  • Create a “word wall” at home of vocabulary words your student is learning at school.
  • Use the words in conversation.
  • Make flash cards and quiz each other.
  • Make a game out of spotting and talking about the vocabulary words in public or in print.
  • Play something like Bananagrams or Scrabble and use the words, or make a crossword puzzle.
  • Make a Kahoot and play together
Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080