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Curriculum & Instruction

Mission: The mission of the Office of Curriculum and Instruction is to empower educators and enhance student learning through the cultivation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). We are dedicated to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement within our educational community. By prioritizing the development of PLCs, we aim to elevate the quality of education and ensure that every student achieves their fullest potential. Vision: Our vision for the Office of Curriculum and Instruction is to be a catalyst for transformative change in education, with Professional Learning Communities and student learning at the forefront of our endeavors. We envision a future where: 1. Student-Centered Excellence: We commit to placing student learning at the heart of all that we do. Our work is driven by the belief that every student deserves an engaging and high-quality education, and we will continuously strive to provide the support and resources necessary to make this vision a reality. 2. Collaborative Learning Communities: We envision a vibrant network of Professional Learning Communities across our educational institutions. These communities will serve as dynamic hubs for educators to share best practices, engage in meaningful dialogue, and collaboratively develop innovative teaching methods. 3. Continuous Improvement: Our office will be a champion of continuous improvement, encouraging educators to embrace data-driven decision-making and evidence-based practices. We will support teachers and administrators in the ongoing process of refining their instructional strategies to benefit students. 4. Equity and Inclusion: We are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable educational environment where every student, regardless of background or ability, has access to a world-class education. We will provide resources and training to ensure that all students receive the support they need to succeed. 5. Innovation and Adaptation: The Office of Curriculum and Instruction will remain agile and responsive to emerging educational trends and needs. We will encourage the development and implementation of innovative teaching approaches to meet the evolving requirements of a 21st-century education. 6. Professional Growth: We will invest in the growth and development of our educators by providing ongoing professional development opportunities, mentorship programs, and resources to empower them to be the best they can be for the benefit of their students. 7. Community Engagement: We aim to foster partnerships and collaboration with parents, community members, and stakeholders to create a unified educational ecosystem that supports student learning and success. In conclusion, the Office of Curriculum and Instruction envisions a future where the power of Professional Learning Communities is harnessed to maximize student learning outcomes. By uniting educators, students, families, and the community, we aspire to create an educational system that is student-centered, inclusive, innovative, and continuously improving, thus preparing our students for success in an ever-changing world.

      Nina Baker
      Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 
      315-689-8500 x 5030

      Katherine Oleksak
      Administrative Assistant
Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080