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JEMS student shows activism through art

A sixth-grade student used a recent art class assignment as an opportunity to turn artwork into advocacy. Sevanna Saunders’ class was tasked with creating an abstract work of art that was fully self-designed.Sixth grader Sevanna Saunders shows activism through her art titled "The River's Symphony"

“As a class, we looked at and discussed a variety of different pieces of abstract art throughout history, focusing on aesthetics as a key concept and how we as viewers and creators decide if something is aesthetically pleasing/beautiful, and whether that actually matters to appreciate art,” explained teacher Taylor Fletcher, when describing the assignment.

Students were then asked to research, design, and create their work of abstract art. Sevanna’s piece, “The River’s Symphony,” was made to symbolize a larger societal issue: pollution.

“It is an elegant type of art which has been spoiled of corruption to symbolize the massive pollution in modern day,” Sevanna said.

Sevanna’s project perfectly captures the meaning behind an International Baccalaureate education, and JEMS’ goal to develop compassionate, lifelong learners, who ultimately help to create a better and more peaceful world. Way to go, Sevanna!
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