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6312 - School Resource Officer

Policy: School Resource Officer Policy Number: 6312
Date of Original Policy: Date Revision Adopted: 02/03/2021
Reviewed by Policy Committee: 01/13/2021 Date of Next Review: 01/20/2024
Replacement of Policy Number:  

The Board of Education (the “Board”) is committed to maintaining order and discipline on school premises and is likewise committed to maintaining an armed presence in the District’s schools to deter and repel acts of violence. Towards these ends, the Board desires to employ a retired police officer, with appropriate law enforcement training and experience, to serve as an armed Guard (“School Resource Officer”).

The Superintendent shall be responsible for securing the approval of the Onondaga County Personnel Office for the District to employ a security guard in the Civil Service title of “Guard 60090,” a non-competitive position in the labor class of the classified Civil Service.

The Board shall adopt a Resolution for the purpose of providing written authorization for the School Resource Officer to possess and carry a firearm and pepper spray on the District’s premises in the performance of his duties as School Resource Officer, conditioned upon the School Resource Officer being at all times appropriately licensed to possess and carry the applicable firearm and pepper spray. Additionally, the School Resource Officer’s authorization to possess and carry a firearm and pepper spray during the course of employment as School Resource Officer shall be subject to and conditioned on the District being able to procure appropriate insurance coverage in connection with the School Resource Officer’s possession and use of the firearm and pepper spray within the scope of the School Resource Officer’s employment.

Prior to commencing employment as School Resource Officer, the Guard shall submit fingerprints and submit to the criminal background investigation and clearance process required by the New York Education Law and the regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

The School Resource Officer shall be compensated at an hourly rate approved by the Board upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, subject to applicable rules (if any) of the Onondaga County Personnel Department. Expenses for meals, tolls, travel, and conference attendance may be incurred by the School Resource Officer, with the prior approval of the Superintendent and within budgeted amounts. The School Resource Officer will not be eligible for any additional compensation or benefits from the District during his employment. The School Resource Officer’s work schedule will be determined by the Superintendent. The terms and conditions of the School Resource Officer’s employment by the District may be memorialized in an employment agreement that is consistent with this policy.

NY Retirement and Social Security Law §212(3); 8 N.Y.C.R.R. §80-5.5(b)(1).
NY Penal Law Article 265, Penal Law §265.01-a.
NY Education Law §§305(30); 1804(9); and 3035; see also, 8 N.Y.C.R.R. Part 87.
NY General Municipal Law §§77-b, 77-c.

Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080