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7131 - Admission of Nonresident Students

Policy: Admission of Nonresident Students Policy Number: 7131
Date of Original Policy: 07/10/2002 Date Revision Adopted: 11/03/2021
Reviewed by Policy Committee: 10/17/2021 Date of Next Review: 10/21/2024
Replacement of Policy Number:   

The Board of Education affirms that its primary responsibility is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for the children who are legal district residents and who are of legal age to attend school.

However, a non-resident student may be admitted to district schools upon payment to the district of the Board-adopted tuition charge, if and only if, in the judgment of the Superintendent of Schools:

1.    there is sufficient space to accommodate the non-resident student;
2.    no increase in the size of faculty or staff will be necessary to accommodate them;
3.    the non-resident student meets the district's criteria for admission; and
4.    the admission of such non-resident student is and continues during the enrollment period to be in the best interests of the district.

A non-resident student is defined as one whose legal residence is outside the school district.
The following conditions shall apply, to make non-resident pupils eligible for enrollment in the schools of the district:
(a)    Future Resident Pupils – Children whose parents, before the start of school in September, show proof of residence under construction or purchase and intend to become residents upon availability of the structure, may enter their children in school without tuition charge.  Children whose parents show proof of a rental agreement at the start of the school year may also enter the schools of Jordan Elbridge without tuition charge.
(b)    Seniors (grade twelve) – Students who have been attending the Jordan Elbridge Schools and who leave the district after the completion of their junior year, may, with parental request and approval of the Jr. Sr. High School Principal, be permitted to finish their senior year and graduate without tuition charge.
(c)    Former Resident Pupils – Any pupil registered in the Jordan Elbridge District who moves to another district during the school year shall be permitted to complete that year at Jordan Elbridge with parental request and approval of the building principal without tuition charge.
(d)    Bona Fide Foreign Exchange Students – Pupils residing with families within the boundaries of the school district and participating in a recognized foreign exchange student program may attend district schools without tuition charge upon approval of the Superintendent and the Board of Education.
(e)    Prior Permanently Approved Non-Resident Pupils – Non-resident children of families who had received permanent approval for attendance at Jordan Elbridge will not be charged a tuition.
(f)    Other Non-Resident Pupils – Non-resident pupils, other than those listed above, must be recommended by the Superintendent of Schools and approved by the Jordan Elbridge Board of Education for attendance.  Students accorded this privilege will be charged a tuition rate equal to the difference between State Aid receivable and the District’s average cost per student for the prior year. In the event the non-resident pupil’s parent or guardian retains ownership of taxable property within the district and pays taxes to the district during the year in which the student is attending as a non-resident, such school taxes will be deducted from the tuition charge.
Parents of approved non-resident pupils must supply the school district with information that all entrants must provide, as outlined in policy 7123.
All requests for non-resident student attendance will be brought to the attention of the Jordan Elbridge Board of Education.
Tuition payments must be made in advance of enrollment and will be pro-rated for any portion of a semester. Subsequent tuition payments must be made in advance of each school semester in order to continue enrollment eligibility for the child being supported through tuition payments.

Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080