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1421 - Policy & Execution of Policy

Policy: Policy & Execution of Policy Policy Number: 1421
Date of Original Policy: 11/19/2012  Date Revision Adopted: 10/14/2020
Reviewed by Policy Committee: 09/16/2020 Date of Next Review: 09/16/2023
Replacement of Policy Number: 1410 & 1420 (from 2002)  

Policy Committee and Policies

The Jordan-Elbridge Board of Education shall reserve to itself the function of providing guidelines for the discretionary action of those to whom it delegates authority. The Superintendent shall act as an advisor to the Board in the adoption and approval of written Board Policies. The Board shall seek input from the staff and community where appropriate. These guidelines for discretionary action shall constitute the policies governing the operation of the school system.
The formulation and adoption of these written policies shall constitute the basic method by which the Board of Education shall exercise its leadership in the operation of the School System. It is the responsibility of the administration to make sure that policies approved by the Board are disseminated appropriately to the affected stakeholders. If the Board is aware of any deviation from the approved policies, the Board will work with the administration to resolve those situations as they arise.

The adoption of a written policy shall occur only after the proposal has been moved, discussed and voted on affirmatively at two separate meetings of the Board of Education (i.e. the “first reading” and the “second reading”).  The policy draft may be amended at the second meeting.  By a majority vote, the Board may waive the “second reading” and complete the adoption of the proposed policy at its “first reading."

The formal adoption of written Board policy shall be recorded in the official minutes of the Board. Such written Board policy shall govern the conduct and affairs of the District and shall be binding upon the members of the education community in the District.

It shall be the Board’s responsibility to keep its written policies up to date so that they may be used consistently as a basis for Board action and administrative decision.  

The Superintendent is given the continuing commission of calling to the Board’s attention all policies that are out of date or may require revisions for other reasons.

Execution of Policy: Administrative Regulations

The Board shall delegate to the Superintendent the function of specifying the required actions and designing the detailed arrangements under which the schools will be operated. These rules and these detailed arrangements shall constitute the administrative regulations governing the schools.  They must in every respect be consistent with the policies adopted by the Board. The Board shall be kept informed periodically of changes in administrative regulations.

Education Law Sections 1604 (9)and 1709 (1) and (2)

Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080