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5575 - Use of District Credit Card

Policy: Use of District Credit Card Policy Number: 5575
Date of Original Policy: 07/10/2002 Date Revision Adopted: 02/03/2021
Reviewed by Policy Committee: 01/13/2021 Date of Next Review: 06/18/2023
Replacement of Policy Number:  

The Jordan-Elbridge Board of Education permits the use of district credit cards by authorized school employees to pay for actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of work related duties for the district.  All use of district credit cards shall be in accordance with the Education Law Sections 1724 (1) and 2524 (1), Opinions of the State Comptroller No’s 79-202, 79-494 and 78-897.

A list of authorized employees that will be issued a specific district credit card will be maintained in the Business Office and reported to the Board of Education each year at its annual re-organizational meeting. All district credit cards will be in the name of the school district.

The District shall establish a credit limit not to exceed $10,000.00 for each card issued and an aggregate credit limit of $25,000.00 for all cards issued to the district.

The Superintendent shall ensure that the relationship between the district and the credit card company is such that the district preserves its right to refuse to pay any claim or portion thereof that is not expressly authorized, does not constitute a proper district charge, or supersedes any laws, rules, regulations, or policies otherwise applicable.  In addition, the Superintendent will ensure that no claim shall be paid unless an itemized voucher shall have been presented and shall have been audited and allowed.  

Credit cards may only be used for legitimate school district business expenditures. The use of credit cards is not intended to circumvent the district’s policy on purchasing.

Authorized users must take proper care of all district credit cards and take all reasonable precautions against damage, loss, or theft.  Any damage, loss, or theft must be reported immediately to the Business Office and to the appropriate financial institution and/or law enforcement agency.  Failure to take proper care of credit cards or failure to report damage, loss or theft may subject the user to financial liability.

Purchases that are unauthorized, illegal, represent a conflict of interest, are personal in nature or violate the intent of this policy may result in credit card revocation and discipline of the employee.  

Employees must submit detailed documentation, including itemized receipts for commodities, services, travel and/or actual and necessary expenses which have been incurred in connection with the school related business for which the credit cared has been used.

The Superintendent shall establish administrative regulations governing the issuance and use of district credit cards.  Each cardholder shall be apprised of the procedures governing the use of district credit cards and a copy of the policy and accompanying regulations shall be given to each authorized card holder.  
The Internal Claims Auditor shall periodically, but no less than twice per year, monitor the use of each credit card and report any serious problems and/or discrepancies directly to the Superintendent and the Board of Education.

Date of Original Policy 07/10/2002
Previous Revision 06/06/2007

Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080