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5731 - Transportation Program

Policy: Transportation Program Policy Number: 5731
Date of Original Policy: 06/18/2014 Date Revision Adopted: 04/07/21
Reviewed by Policy Committee: 03/17/2021 Date of Next Review: 03/17/2024
Replacement of Policy Number: 5710, 5720 & 5730  

It is the intent of the Jordan Elbridge Board of Education to comply with the letter and spirit of the New York State Education Law; with the regulations of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Transportation and with the Commissioner of Education’s regulations and decisions pertinent to student transportation, and these shall govern any questions not covered by specific declaration of policy herein.

The purposes of the transportation program are to transport students to and from school, to transport them for extracurricular activities, to transport them on field trips, and to transport those requiring special services.

The Board of Education recognizes and assumes the responsibility for all aspects of the transportation of children wherein the health and safety of students are involved, for the Board has a legal obligation to safeguard the welfare of bus riding children. Transportation services shall be provided to meet the needs of the students of the District within specified limits and areas established by the Board of Education.

Responsibilities and Duties

The responsibility of the District shall be to transport all children within the boundaries of the District in grades 1-12 living outside the boundaries of the village of Jordan and Elbridge except for those areas declared hazardous by the Board of Education which are located within the village limits and to and from the school they legally attend within the District.  In addition, all kindergarten children in the District will be transported to and from the school they attend within the District.

Requests for Transportation to and From Non-Public Schools

The parent or legal guardian of a parochial or private school child residing in the District who desires that the child be transported to a parochial or private school outside of the District during the next school year should submit a written request to the Board of Education no later than April 1 of the preceding year, or within thirty (30) days of moving into the District. No late request of a parent or guardian shall be denied where a reasonable explanation is provided for the delay.

Transportation of Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities in the District shall be transported up to fifty (50) miles (one way) from their home to the appropriate special service or program, unless the Commissioner certifies that no appropriate non residential special service or program is available within fifty (50) miles. The Commissioner may then establish transportation arrangements.

Transportation of Non Resident Students

Non-resident families must provide their own transportation.

Transportation to School Sponsored Events

If the District provides transportation for student athletes participation in interscholastic competition and students attending District sponsored educational field trips, students will not be authorized to use any other means of transportation when participation in these events, unless the principal, Athletic Director or other designee authorizes such alternate transportation. The principal shall require written application prior to approval.  As an exception to this policy a coach may release a student to the parent or legal guardian for transportation from an interscholastic event upon the receipt of a written request from the parent or legal guardian; and must follow procedures as outlined in the Athletic Handbook.

Special Transportation for Children to Schools Outside the District

School children for whom transportation has been requested to schools outside the Jordan Elbridge School District shall be provided with such transportation being in accordance with the New York State Education Laws.

Education Law Sections 1604, 1709, 1804, 1903, 1950, 2503, 2554, 2590-e, 3635, 4401 (4), 4404 and 4405
Education Law Sections 3602(7) and 3635 et seq.
Education Law Sections 3620-3628 and 3635-3636

Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080