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5640 - Smoking/Tobacco Use

Policy: Smoking/Tobacco Use Policy Number: 5640
Date of Original Policy: 07/10/2002 Date Revision Adopted: 07/08/2020
Reviewed by Policy Committee: 06/17/2020 Date of Next Review: 04/25/2023
Replacement of Policy Number:  

In accordance with the Pro-Children Act of 1994, the Clean Indoor Air Act of 1989 as amended in 2003, the Jordan-Elbridge Central School District is committed to providing its students, visitors and employees a smoke-free/tobacco-free environment. This includes protecting non-smokers from involuntary exposure to the tobacco smoke of others.

The Board of Education prohibits smoking and tobacco use at all times on or within district property owned, or leased, or contracted for and utilized by the District to provide educational and library services for children. Smoking and tobacco use is also prohibited at all times in all other buildings, structures, and surrounding outdoor grounds owned, leased, or contracted for and utilized by the District, as well as, in any District vehicles used to transport children or school personnel.

In addition, the Board of Education also prohibits the use of an e-cigarette, cigar, pipe and/or using chewing or smokeless tobacco products in the same locations specified above.

For the purpose of this policy, school grounds are defined as any buildings, structures and the surrounding outdoor areas within the school’s legally defined property boundaries. The prohibition of smoking and tobacco use applies to any person, not just school district employees and/or students.

Prohibition of Tobacco Promotional items/Tobacco Advertising

Tobacco promotional items (e.g., brand names, logos and other identifiers) are prohibited:

a)      On school grounds

b)      In school vehicles

c)      At school sponsored events

d)      In school publications

e)      On clothing, shoes, accessories, gear and school supplies in accordance with the District Code of Conduct and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

This prohibition of tobacco promotional items shall be implemented in accordance with the Code of Conduct and applicable collective bargaining agreements.  In addition, tobacco advertising is also prohibited in all school sponsored publications and at all school sponsored events.

Posting/Notification of Policy

In compliance with the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act, the District will prominently post its Smoking/Tobacco Use policy in District buildings and supply a copy upon request to any current or prospective employee. The District will also designate a school official to tell individuals who smoke in a non-smoking area that they are in violation of Article 13-E of the state Public Health Law and the federal Pro-Children Act of 1994.

Goals 2000: Educate America Act,
Pro-Children Act of 1994)
Public Health Law Article 13-E
Education Law Sections 409 and 3020-a

Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080