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5751 - Idling School Buses

Policy: Idling School Buses Policy Number: 5751
Date of Original Policy: 08/15/2012 Date Revision Adopted: 11/14/2017
Reviewed by Policy Committee: 09/15/2021 Date of Next Review: 08/15/2024
Replacement of Policy Number:  

The Jordan-Elbridge Board of Education is committed to promoting the health and safety of our students, staff and district residents, as well as, recognizing the importance of protecting our environment from harmful emissions found in bus and other vehicle exhaust. In accordance with Education Law and Commissioner’s Regulations, the District will minimize, to the extent practicable, the idling of all school buses and other vehicles owned and/or leased by the District while such bus and/or vehicle is parked, standing on school grounds, or in the front of any school. This policy also applies to contractor owned and operated school buses under contract with the District.

Responsibility of Administration

It is the sole responsibility of the Administration for the Jordan Elbridge Central School District to:

•    Ensure that each driver of a school bus or other vehicle owned, leased or contracted for by the district turn off the engine of the bus or vehicle while waiting for passengers to load or off load on school grounds, or while such vehicle is parked; standing on school grounds; or in front of or adjacent to any school.

•    Provide annually with a notice of the provisions of Education Law section 3637 and Commissioner’s Regulation section 156.3 (h)

- Materials for annual notices and training school bus drivers are posted on State Education Department
- Notices must be provided no later than 5 days after the start of school

•    Monitor the compliance of the drivers with the requirements and prepare written report describing actions taken to review compliance and the degree of adherence found

Private Vendor Transportation Contracts

All contracts for pupil transportation services between the School District and a private vendor that are entered into on or after July 01, 2008 shall include a provision requiring such vendor’s compliance with the provisions of reducing idling in accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations Section 156.3 (h)

Requirements of School Bus Drivers

Bus Drivers must instruct pupils on the necessity to board the bus promptly to reduce loading time.

Bus Drivers must park the school bus diagonally in loading areas to minimize the amount of exhaust from adjacent buses that may enter the school bus and/or school buildings.

Bus Drivers must turn off the engine during sporting and/or other school events.

Idling Exceptions

Limited idling may be permitted when necessary for the following reasons:
•    For mechanical work or to defrost the windshield for visibility
•    Maintain an appropriate temperature for passenger comfort and or occupant safety when the temperature is below 20 degrees F
•    Emergency evacuations when necessary to operate wheelchair lifts.

Education Law Section 3637 Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 142
8 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Section 156.3(h)

Superintendent: James R. Froio
Phone: 315.689.8500
Address: 9 N. Chappell St., PO Box 902 | Jordan, NY 13080